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03 October 2006

Sarkozy on Turkey

From Nicolas Sarkozy, in the Wall Street Journal:

“The decision to accept each new applicant should be taken in light of the EU's internal objectives, its institutional limitations and the level of popular support. Such decisions should not be based upon foreign policy goals or a desire to encourage neighbors to reform.

So who is European and who is not? Clearly, some non-member countries are part of the European continent and have the right to full EU membership. This group includes Switzerland, Norway and -- eventually -- the Balkans. Then there are other countries whose right to join the Union is debatable or who, although neighbors, are clearly non-European.

For this latter group in the Euro-Asian and Mediterranean areas we should avoid presenting them with overly stark choices: Full membership or nothing at all. Our first step should be to establish preferential partnerships so we can work together while still observing our different interests and values.

Of all the countries with which the EU should have preferential relations there is Turkey, our neighbor and friend, sharing many of our security concerns and many of our values. These are good reasons for strengthening our ties with Turkey, without going so far as offering full membership.”



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