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05 August 2006

Rebelling from afar

From the Wall Street Journal on Fidel Castro: “Of course it may be no coincidence that most of the admiration all these years has been from afar. The idea of "Fidel" allows his leftish admirers from the comforts of free, mostly capitalist societies to imagine that someone out there is struggling to build a better, more egalitarian way of life -- without any of them having to live amid the daily Cuban reality of grinding poverty and political intimidation.”

This reminds me: one of teachers on the Middle East always likes to point out how the radicals on the Palestinian issue were (and are) so often those far removed from the West Bank and Gaza. It is much easier, it seems, to be adamant and uncompromising from Baghdad or Cairo … just as it easier to earn revolutionary praise from those who are unaffected by your cruelty.

“Romancing Fidel,” Wall Street Journal, 5 Aug 06


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