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09 August 2006

Oil companies in the wilderness

A New York Times editorial on the lessons of Prudhoe Bay writes that, “the BP fiasco also reminds us why we should not put the fate of America’s wilderness in the hands of the oil companies.” It is interesting, then, to read that the fiasco has prompted a different reaction on who live in the “wilderness.” Alaska governor Frank Murkowski called on lawmakers to support his proposal for the construction of a gas pipeline that will bring gas from Alaska to the Lower-48 through Canada as a way of diversifying the Alaskan economy.

True, a gas pipeline poses less of an environmental threat than an oil pipeline, and true too that there is still political infighting before the proposal gets approved by Alaskan legislators. But it is interesting to see how different the lessons are on those who live in the “wilderness” and earn their living (plus a check from oil royalties) through the oil business.

“Lessons from Prudhoe Bay,” New York Times, 9 Aug 06 (link)



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