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15 July 2006

Basayev in verse

This week marked the death of Shamil Basayev, a Chechen rebel leader most notoriously famous for the siege of a school in Beslan in September 2004 which claimed the lives of over 300 people, most of them children. There is an excerpt from an old Economist article which I thought fitting for the occasion (from December 2004):

But the worst blows of all, as so often the case,
Were the blows meted out by our own human race.
And of these there were few that could ever compare
With the slaughter that opened the Russian school year.
Three hundred children, perhaps many more,
When the classrooms were stormed were found dead on the floor.
Chechen guerrillas were plainly to blame,
But many thought Russia shared some of the shame
For badly mishandling the siege of a school
And repressing the Chechens who wanted home rule.



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