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08 April 2006

The Zimbabwe black hole

Two reports on Zimbabwe reveal the extent of misery in the country: “Life in Zimbabwe is shorter than anywhere else in the world, with neither men nor women expected to live until 40, a new UN report says. Zimbabwe’s women have an average life expectancy of 34 years and men on average do not live past 37, it said. The World Health Organisation report said women’s life expectancy had fallen by two years in the last 12 months.” (link)

And another: “The country woke on Saturday to news of an overnight price rise that left bread 60% more expensive than the previous day. The southern African country’s official statistics agency announced that the annual inflation rate - already the highest in the world - was heading towards 1000%. Zimbabwe's main state media tucked the bad news in the middle of bulletins dominated by what critics call ‘useless speeches’ by officials from the government of Robert Mugabe, the president. But the new 913.6% inflation rate still announced itself loudly on the streets of Harare where survival remains a challenge even to citizens well practiced in the art.” (link)


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