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10 April 2006

George W. Bush

President Bush spoke at school today; it was a festive event, with the requisite weekend-long preparations that included security sweeps, a gradual transformation of school space to accommodate the president and a combination of enthusiasm and chatter than should accompany the president’s visit. The event wasn’t remarkable except for the fact that the president was speaking and this, in itself, accords the event a certain gravitas (link to transcript & video).

One thing that stood out and that I liked in the president was his willingness to discuss the long-term issues confronting this country. His wants to talk about Social Security, even though the political merits for doing so are thin; he wants to discuss immigration, even if the debate is overly emerged; and he wants to warn on the dangers on isolationism and protectionism, even though free trade has fewer and fewer friends.

I know you can find all sorts of arguments against the president and his policies—but there is something admirable for someone to be able to transcend politics (perhaps some would say too much so) and speak his mind, even if the articulation is not always the most eloquent. These are debates worth having and the president should keep speaking up.

(Photo from the White House website)


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