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02 March 2006

Ukraine’s nuclear alternative?

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov has said that his country should move away from natural gas to nuclear energy (link). The profile I have appended below shows both the country’s heavy reliance on natural gas (44.54%) as well as its potential to develop nuclear energy (13.80% of total primary consumption). But whether it is reassuring that the country which gave us Chernobyl is rediscovering nuclear power is another story altogether. Is this better than being under the Russian shadow? No easy choices there, I guess.

Ukraine consumption profile
Oil: 348,000 bpd (12.18%)
Natural gas: 70.7 bcm (44.54%)
Coal: 39.4 mtoe (27.59%)
Nuclear: 87.1 terawatt-hours (13.80%)
Hydro: 2.7 mtoe (1.89%)
Source: BP Statistical Review of Energy, June 2005



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