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24 March 2006

The civil war in Iraq

Charles Krauthammer writes in today’s Washington Post that the debate over whether Iraq is having a civil war is meaningless since Iraq has been in a civil war for a long time: “those who have decided that because of ‘civil war’ it [a solution] cannot be done have been unreasonably panicked by something that has been with us all along.”

The best comment on the Iraqi civil war came from a Middle East who said (I paraphrase): “the big change is now Sunnis know two can kill. They used to think that if the Americans left, they could declare victory. They are no longer so sure.” It may be odd to hope for a balance of power (or maybe call it a balance of terror) to provide stability. In that sense, Iraq is making progress, not because there is civil war but because the cost-free support for the insurgency and one-sided belief that if the Americans left all would be good seems to be dissipating.

Charles Krauthammer, “Of Course It’s a Civil War,” Washington Post, 24 Mar 06 (link)


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