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21 February 2006

Arabs running US ports?

I love that title, “Arabs in charge of US ports?” which is from MSNBC; I think the way to look at it from the other side is, “well, Americans are running Iraq, we can have a few ports, no?”

The Financial Times puts it well: “But some western governments and international companies - while benefiting from the boom in Dubai and the UAE - tend to be either patronising or paranoid. Either Dubai's success is overreach and financial levitation, or murky and in hock to sinister Arab aims. Being the Singapore of the Gulf is not the same as being Singapore.”

My question is: if you can’t try to make your peace with the Arabs of Dubai, who exactly are you appealing to when America talks about the Arabs and their need for democracy? Who are you hoping will emerge on the either side?

“Paranoia about Dubai ports deal is needless,” Financial Times, 21 Feb 06 (link)


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