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29 January 2006

State of the Union

Lewis Gould, a professor at the University of Texas, Austin, has an article in today’s Washington Post arguing that the State of the Union is a ritual that should be abolished; here is one excerpt from his argument which I find particularly entertaining:

“Imagine if, two days from now, the president said: ‘The state of the union is not good. Iraq is an insoluble mess, Iran is a long-term threat, terrorism menaces us all, the Army is strained to the breaking point, the budget is out of whack, global warming threatens the existence of humanity, and there are no easy answers, quick solutions or painless sacrifices.’”

That would be a speech worth watching. Oddly enough, it has been the ability to sketch out problems with such candor and precision that has marked great leaders. But I don’t expect to hear such a speech anytime soon…

Lewis Gould, “Ban the Bombast!” Washington Post, 29 Jan 06 (link)


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