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08 November 2005

Syria debates Mehlis

The Syrian parliament spent a special session discussing the Mehlis report that investigated the assassination of Rafik Hariri, former prime minister of Lebanon, and which pointed the finger of blame resolutely on Syria’s leadership. Here are some excerpts (as reported by MEMRI; link for text and video):

Syrian MP: “You should look for the murderers of Al-Hariri in Tel Aviv and Washington. You should look for the perpetrators of this crime and for those who stood to gain from it. The Syrians will never forgive those who have made it their business to harm Syria.”

Huneim Namar: “The greatest thing that the Americans and Israelis achieved from this Mehlis report is to divert attention away from any possible role played by the Israeli Mossad, the American CIA, or any other party who may have been responsible for this crime, as well as to direct the spotlight exclusively on Syria.”

Anwar 'Ubeid: “What is happening today is an indication that America and Bush are coveting this nation's resources. Syria is the only thorn to remain in the eye of Zionism and its collaborators. Hence, the Mehlis report is a clear attempt to pressure and harm Syria, the Syrian people, and their leaders. We are all familiar with Lebanon and with the intrigues of its leaders. Collaboration flows in their veins, and treachery thrives in their midst. Today they repay Syria's loyalty to them with treachery. They repay the attempts to help them with an effort to destroy Syria, and to put pressure on us.”


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