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08 November 2005

Piracy in Somalia

The news that a cruise ship came under attack from pirates surprised a lot of people; I heard someone ask “there are still pirates?!” upon hearing the news. I thought I would append some info on piracy—after all, terrorists have attacked cruise ships before (the Achille Lauro, a passenger ship, in 1985) and maritime attacks pose the most significant security threat relative to the inaction and inability to counter it.

Some info on piracy can be found at the International Chamber of Commerce website, which has a weekly piracy report and some maps chronicling piracy incidents over the past few years (link). William Langewiesche of the Atlantic Monthly wrote a book in 2004 called the Outlaw Sea which describes the dangers of the ocean in a vivid and comprehensive way. And the following is a map from The Economist which illustrates terrorist attacks in SE Asia (10 June 04). This attack isn’t going to be the end of it.


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