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16 November 2005

Phosphorus in Fallujah

From BBC news: “An Iraqi human rights team has gone to the city of Falluja to investigate the use of white phosphorus as a weapon by US forces” (link) This story has risen largely as a result of a RAI documentary that probed these allegations; I was sent a link to the documentary and thought I would post it up here (link to documentary).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than Napalm 2.0, with the exception that unlike napalm--which was used almost exclusively as a weapon--it is used only rarely as an actual weapon and mostly as a tool to pinpoint enemy positions to units on the ground. They'll light up an area the troops can see to give them distance references. Then they'll say to use the distance to the whisky pete (its nickname) times two to the north and times three to the east. That way ground units can find and capture the enemy (rather than just dropping bombs on them and killing them). It is unfortunately used as a weapon at times, but so are 500 lb bombs and bullets. War is hell. Its ugly. People get killed. It sucks. If you don't want the weapons of war being used, focus more on policy and less on the weapons themselves. All explosive weapons are chemical weapons--if you define the term loosly enough.

Nothing to see here, move along.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After commenting above I took the time to watch the documentary and it only served to back up my claims. They showed burnt corpses (some just skeletons) but did not show them as civillians. They did not show the use of WP (only other types of illumination rounds that aren't WP--WP is usually launched by A-10s, not attack helos). And they use some gun camera footage from an attack helicopter of an attack on insurgents that has nothing to do with the WP story as an exclaimation mark at the end in an attempt to unsettle any audience they have. At least they get that point right, if it wasn't related to their story.. Footage like that is unsettling. As I stated before, war sucks.

10:17 PM  

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