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17 November 2005

Galloway in Damascus

British MP George Galloway was in Damascus and spoke at Damascus University about Syria, the war in Iraq, and about America and Britain (the “imperial powers”). It is an interesting speech to listen to (video / text from MEMRI); some excerpts:

“And the third reason why they will never invade Syria is sitting here and is outside in the streets. It is that if they dared to invade Syria, every dignified person in the country would fight them exactly as the people of Iraq are fighting them now.

When Hitler was on the French coast and my country stood alone, when the Americans were watching the war on television before they joined it, we faced a violent foreign military invasion. And of course there were collaborators in Britain who would have collaborated with Hitler if he had landed, but the vast majority of British people would have fought Hitler, with their teeth, if necessary, because no free people will allow itself to be occupied by a foreign army, and Syria is a free people and will never agree to such an invasion.”

“What your lives would be if from the Atlantic to the Gulf we had one Arab union - all this land, 300 million people, all this oil and gas and water, occupied by a people who speak the same language, follow the same religions, listen to the same Um Kulthum... The Arabs would be a superpower in the world if they had this unity, instead of the shameful situation in which the Arabs find themselves today.”

“So I say to you, citizens of the last Arab country, this is a time for courage, for unity, for wisdom, for determination, to face these enemies with the dignity your president has shown, and I believe, God willing, we will prevail and triumph, fwa-salam aleikum.”



Anonymous Peter said...

And I only thought he pretended to be a big Muslim supporter in order to get elected in Bethnal Green and Bow. What constiutency work.

By the way, pan-Arabism with no underlying "why" except to have bigger cajones than the US? Yes, that will work. I am sure.

3:11 AM  

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