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19 October 2005

More on Saddam’s trial

There are two more things I would like to append on the Saddam trial. The first is my own post of 18 July 2005 which quotes some of the crimes that Saddam Hussein committed while in office (scroll down for more on that). The second is a column by Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post (1):

“[If] his Sunni countrymen learn what he did to Shiites and Kurds, if the Shiites and Kurds learn what he did to Sunnis, if Iraqis come to realize that his system of totalitarian terror damaged them all, and if others in the Middle East learn that dictatorships can be overthrown, then the trial will have served its purpose. That, and not an arbitrary standard of international law, is how the success of this unusual tribunal should be measured.”

(1) Anne Applebaum, “Justice in Baghdad,” Washington Post, 19 Oct 05, (link)


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