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25 October 2005

Hariri shock

The New York Times reports today: “Some deeply troubling facts about the murder of Rafik Hariri, Lebanon's former prime minister, have now been established by a tough and meticulous United Nations investigation … top Syrian and Lebanese officials were deeply involved in planning and organizing this spectacular crime as part of an effort to terrorize restive Lebanese politicians into carrying out orders from Damascus” (1).

My feelings on the Hariri murder were summarized in my post “Victor’s justice” (19 Oct 05). The reason I post this quote from the Times is this: I am still amazed by the capacity of the media and the public to be shocked by the obvious (“Cindy Sheehan’s plight,” 19 Aug 05 offers a few more thoughts on this). Lebanon has been Syria’s turf for so many years; assassinating leaders that refused to yield to Damascus was “standard operating procedure.”

And yet the news that Syria might be involved in the plot to kill a former prime minister still manages to shock. This is just as shocking to me.

(1) “The UN Route for Syria,” New York Times, 25 Oct 05 (link)


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