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26 September 2005

Rally for war & peace

This weekend, protestors gathered around the world to demonstrate their opposition to the Iraq war. But in Taiwan, there was a different kind of rally: 30,000 people took to the streets to urge parliament to approve an $18.4bn purchase of US weapons (it has been turned down 29 times already). I thought I would put that piece of information up here because we don’t seem to get many pro-weapons rallies these days...


Anonymous Peter said...

Recently, the old bumper sticker slogan came to mind once again, about how someone would love to live in a world where public education gets virtually unlimited funding, and the Pentagon needs to have bake sales to raise money for new wars.

Today, I'm going to vote in the third public referendum/election in my town this year that deals specifically and only with funding the local school district. In comparison, the mechanisms of the republic I am only able to trigger at much greater intervals, and with a much more diluted message.

I really wonder why the excessive burden is placed on public schools for this reason, especially seeing how education is supposed to be the great way forward for a society--and excuse me for being idealistic, but the way to avoid things such as outbreaks of armed conflict.

I'm all for Vermont-style public town hall meetings of one man, one vote on issues, but the isolation of school spending (seemingly only to please the retirees who hate doling out tax money to OTHER peoples' children), seems highly irregular and unjust. It would be like me saying I want to vote on whether seniors should really get their social security checks next month.

And there's my thread hijack.

1:04 AM  

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