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26 September 2005

Harvard geese

Lucy Kellaway, of the Financial Times, writes today:

“On a perfectly normal day at Harvard a couple of weeks ago, a dozen future leaders of the world sat in a circle and cried: honk! honk! honk! For an hour or so these 12 stopped being second-year masters students at the Kennedy School of Government. They became geese.

And yet the goose story at Harvard still manages to shock. It shows that a sharp brain and a huge amount of education are no protection against management stupidity. When America’s pre-eminent graduate school of politics starts honking it is time to admit that intelligence can no longer triumph over claptrap.”

It’s a wonderful column, with many more insights; but I just couldn’t resist quoting this part.


Anonymous Peter said...

What? Could you clarify your fowl post/quote, please?

1:06 AM  

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