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27 September 2005

Energy-saving plea

President George W. Bush has made a public plea to cut down energy use; he said: “We can all pitch in by being better conservers of energy. I mean people just need to recognize that the storms have caused disruption and that if they are able to maybe not drive, on a trip that’s not essential, that would be helpful.”

This statement is welcome, because at least it recognizes that there are two sides in the supply and demand equation, something the administration has often ignored when it comes to energy. But at the same time, it risks treating the permanent as transient—regarding the long term structural challenge of energy supply as a short-term disruption problem caused by an act of god.

As a rhetorical plea amidst catastrophe, the president’s words are welcome; but as an antidote to the energy problems confronting America, this statement is merely a joke.


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