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11 August 2005

Robin Cook dies

Robin Cook, former British foreign minister & leader of the House of Commons, died on 6 August 2005, aged 59.

It was on 17 March 2003 that Robin Cook achieved his political peak, when he resigned from the government in protest over the war in Iraq. Cook said:

“Ironically, it is only because Iraq's military forces are so weak that we can even contemplate its invasion. Some advocates of conflict claim that Saddam's forces are so weak, so demoralised and so badly equipped that the war will be over in a few days. We cannot base our military strategy on the assumption that Saddam is weak and at the same time justify pre-emptive action on the claim that he is a threat. Iraq probably has no weapons of mass destruction in the commonly understood sense of the term—namely a credible device capable of being delivered against a strategic city target.”

It is a fitting eulogy to read the speech he gave that evening—the only speech ever recorded in the Commons as receiving a standing ovation.

The entirety of his speech can be read and viewed on the BBC website (here).


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