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01 August 2005

CAFTA dissent

Bernard K. Gordon, professor emeritus in economics at the University of New Hampshire, wrote today (1 August 2005) an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal titled, “CAFTA’s false advertising.” Here are two paragraph that merit particular attention:

“But there's an even greater reason to doubt, from the perspective of most Americans, the genuine need for Cafta, and that's the signal it sends elsewhere -- especially in Asia. In that region, arguments on behalf of an ‘East Asian Community,’ as well as for various Asian economic cooperation arrangements, are all the rage. They are increasingly justified as Asia's necessary response to what are portrayed as America's Western Hemisphere economic integration plans. In that light, Cafta, along with U.S. hopes to build an even broader ‘Free Trade Area of the Americas,’ are seen as poster-boys for the view that Asia must do the same.

We say we are pro 'free trade,' but we continue to undermine the WTO's genuinely global Doha Round by pressing for special blocs in this hemisphere. And we further undermine essential U.S. economic and security interests by encouraging the rise of blocs in regions that remain of profound importance to the U.S. That's something to ponder as Cafta moves closer to final approval, and in the light of clear evidence that it brings little if anything new to America's table.”

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Anonymous Peter said...

I recently visited my Congressman's office in Washington, and on the solid wood front door was a bumper sticker: "CAFTA + NAFTA = SHAFTA". Yeah, it's funny, but I thought it was a bit crass for the door of a Member of Congress's office. Then I had my meeting in the office, where it was explained to me that my Congressman stuck that up there so that the Member across the hall, also a Democrat but one who had voted for CAFTA, would have his "balls busted".

Oh. And this is how laws are made.

2:04 AM  

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